Loneliness Defeated

A monologue on the biblical creation of Adam and Eve … and how the Creator seeks to solve the problem of loneliness, whether you are in a relationship or not.
Loneliness Defeated is a short dramatic monologue on the Creator's work on the sixth day of the biblical creation, when Adam and Eve were brought together. Although this is often used to show the divine design of marriage, Dick Duerksen draws an brief application that anyone can identify with — married or single. Loneliness can be intense even within a relationship. How can we escape the sense of "alone-ness?" What lessons can we learn?

Episode Host:
• Dick Duerksen

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Dick Duerksen is a storyteller. The stories he loves best come from the creative experiences in the Bible. HIS Stories is a uniquely different short story each week from Scripture, drawing life lessons from familiar and unfamiliar characters. Duerksen tells these in a captivating monologue style that will draw you in and make you think about your own spiritual journey.

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